Beggarbush Dogs

Freddy ``Liver Cocker``

Freddy is the son of double British championship winner Hedlybwlch Fatty and British championship winner  Sire Danderw Druid.  Freddy won 2014 season winning a A.V trial beating the Springers.

Freddy has been used as a stud all over the world as far as New Zealand and is producing pups with drive, power, pace but most of all . . . honesty!

Freddy is fully health tested.

Duke ``Black Lab``

  • Beggarbush Ledbury Sire - FTCH Astraglen Hail
  • Beggarbush Ledbury Dam - Stauntonvale Gossip of Beggarbush

Duke is a true 'dog' big strong powerful animal with loads of natural ability, especially on game.

Duke is tested clear of PRA-CNM, hips 6-4, elbows 0-0.  He is a proven sire and has produced 7 bitches and 2 dogs in his first mating.